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Nobuyashi Tamura Shihan

O-Sensei's uke is the most common sight in O-Sensei's films and photographs. It is believed that Aikidoka is closest to O-Sensei.

He is one of the most important names of Aikikai Hombu Dojo and IAF (International Aikido Federation). The following words are translated from the Aikido book he wrote.

"Budo's foremost enemies are anger, hesitation, fear, doubt, contempt, and boasting. On the contrary, exaltation of spirit and courage must be strengthened. We must bear in mind that the only victory to be won is against yourself."

"Don't be attached to power. Although we attach importance to the effectiveness and power of the techniques in bujutsu, the most important thing is to even exceed it. Aikido practice should not turn into injuring or inoperating others. The power used in Aikido is born through the application of the rules of the Universe. No matter how strong, the person who opposes it. cannot taste victory. Aikido is the study of the workings of the Universe. The opposite paths should not be taken."

"There is no doubt that the most important thing when it comes to Aikido training is a good teacher. The trainer must work hard technically, but he must go further spiritually and morally. He should open his eyes and set a good example for his students."

"O Sensei did not teach like a school teacher. His teaching style also seemed different to me from classical Budo training. You would never be distracted while working with him. By establishing Aikido through self-knowledge, he opened the way to a peaceful world. Turning to Kamiza, he said in a strong and clear voice. The Noritos (Shinto chants) and his demeanor impressed everyone...

...he would never explain the techniques and disappear from the dojo as he came. So it would force us to study, to explore, to look and see better."

Tamura Shihan passed away on June 9, 2010.

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