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Cevdet Yildiz Sensei

6. Dan

1966  I was born in Kargi. In 1989 with Aikido  I met. My interest in Far Eastern martial arts pushed me to seek an art.  At that time, AİKİDO SPORTS CENTER  first named  Yusuf AKYURT at my dojo  (5th Dan)  I started my work with I put a lot of things I have today into Aikido.  I owe you. Since the day I started, I have continued my work uninterruptedly. During this time  I had the opportunity to work with many local and foreign teachers. (Ishi  hachi  Sensei 8. Dan-Yoshuno Sensei 7. Dan-Kenji Kumagai Sensei 7. Dan-Nagai Sensei  6. Dan-Kanazawa Sensei 6. Dan- Tanaka Sensei 4. Dan) since 2000  Aikido-Eurasia roof with Nebi VURAL Sensei  under  our work  We are continuing. of course 32  annual AIKIDO  my life  with plus or minus  It is not possible to explain in a paragraph, but when we are asked a question, we can share what we know. I would like to emphasize that I will continue to learn AİKIDO as long as we live alone. Because if we share our knowledge, we can keep this art alive and reach wider masses.

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